Vegan Pie Round Up for Pi Day

Vegan Caramel Apple Pie

Vegan Cherry Pie

Fresh Blackberry Pie

Vegan Banana Cream Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie

Blueberry Pie with Cornmeal Crust

Vegan Maple Pecan Pie

The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie

Vegan Peanut Butter Pie

Vegan S’mores Pie

you have to be fucking kidding me no way

mmmmmmmmmmmm dang

Whole30 is Over - Now What?

Ba-ba-da-ba-ba-ba-ba-baaaaaa! It’s finished!

For 30+ days I’ve stuck to this dang diet. No simple carbs, no grains, no starches, no alcohol, no cheating, no nothin’! And what do I have to show for it? 

For one, I lost about 10 pounds. I went from 154 to 144 over the course of one month. My hair looks soft and full all the way to the ends (which usually are tattered and gnarly - for a straight-haired person this is the worst). It is the longest and healthiest my hair has ever been. I comfortably fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in a very long time. My energy levels are very balanced, and most importantly I don’t feel any need to go to Sucre and stuff my face with chocolate. (I’m saving that for next week)

One of the greatest realizations for me going through Whole30 was being able to say no to things I usually get guilt-tripped into and having a sense of control over my well-being. I definitely will stay paleo, so the Dynamite Kitchen has that to look forward to. But I don’t see myself having crazy drunk weekends or reverting to poor eating/drinking/sleeping/exercising habits. I love sleeping through the night and waking up before my alarm goes off, eating breakfast and staying focused through lunch. My work days seems shorter, and that’s because, overall, I am happier.

My favorite experience of being on the diet was arriving in Miami to see my guy and seeing his reaction to my weight loss at that point. I was about the weight I am now, and he was simply floored. He didn’t think I needed to lose weight in the first place, but when he saw how healthy and trimmed and confident I looked, it was so gratifying. It’s that look right there, the one where he’s looking at his girlfriend and feeling like he’s on top of the world for being lucky enough to be with someone so beautiful… That look made me feel invincible.

It’s not his or anyone else’s approval that I needed though. I chose to go on Whole30, because I wanted to prove to myself that I could keep promises to myself and make sacrifices to improve my well-being. I never expected the diet to change my perspective on how I live my life, but it’s empowering. I’m not a victim of allergies and auto-immune disorders. I’m not a lost, distracted post-grad with inconsistent values.

I’m intensely excited about the future, and the opportunities for new and exciting adventures. The horizon is alight with impending potential, and I feel ready to explore it.

Don’t get me wrong. Celebration is in order! My girlfriends are coming over tonight to play dress-up (don’t give me that look – you’re never too old to try on all your clothes), drink wine, and eat coconut mint-chocolate chip ice cream. A much deserved respite from our intense commitment to physical health these past few weeks. Here’s to our spiritual well-being… pun intended.

So… What’s next? Dynamite Kitchen is Paleo again! And what a better way to challenge that than to fly to Berlin for a week and explore the chocolaty wonderworld that exists over there. Sorry I’m not sorry. But aside from the chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, I am looking forward to exploring the paleo offerings of this blustery German city.

In fact, I already have reservations for Sauvage, Berlin’s premier paleo restaurant.

Stay tuned, ladies and gents. It’s far from over.

Dinosaur Eggs

The last day of Whole30 is tomorrow………. But we decided to extend it until Friday. Why? Idk, but it makes meal planning this week easier, and it keeps us from drinking celebrating too much in the middle of a crucial work week. We’re also treating it like a power week, with daily exercise goals and a focused effort at reaching our target weight by the last day. We want our weigh-in day to reflect 30+ish days of hard work, not the results of our laziest week since adopting the diet. The food boredom of the last week contributed to irregular sleep, lazy meal planning, too much snacking, and not enough jazz. So to atone for our short-sighted angst, we are adding a few extra days, some exercise and some amped-up recipes.

Cavepeople of Tumblr…. We give you…. 
Dinosaur Eggs by Samantha

Samantha here - 

Yesterday instead of watching the Super Bowl, I decided to make what Stupid Easy Paleo calls "Paleo Breakfast Sausage Scotch Eggs." Depending on who you ask in our house, they can also be called Scottish Eggs (I can’t read) or Dinosaur Eggs (thanks, Emily.) Either way, they’re amazing and extremely easy.
You start by boiling 6 eggs and mixing a spice blend of allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. You can add ground ginger if you want or you can forget to pick it up from the grocery store, which works in my experience. After you add the mix to your grass fed ground beef, you peel your eggs and get to work.

I advise working quickly because room temp ground beef is not fun to mush in your hands. You measure roughly 1/3 cup of beef, flatten it in your palm, and then wrap it around the egg. After you finish reliving the Play Doh days of your childhood, you put your Dino Eggs in the oven for the directed 18 min. And then again for another 5-ish minutes because you cut one open to take a picture and it was still pink around the egg.
(kind of pink, but whoa you get it)

In the end, the eggs turned out pretty well. It was torture saving them for breakfast this morning but thankfully we were already stuffed on the Paleo milkshakes Emily had made for us earlier (we left out the honey and doubled the cacao powder).

Seven Days Left

We have seven days left of Whole30, and while it hasn’t been perfect, I can really feel the beneficial effects of the diet. I’m already planning when I’m going to do it again. I’m thinking March, since my trip to Berlin (a.k.a. Emily’s tour of the chocolate kingdom) isn’t exactly conducive to a no-sugar diet. 

In the interim, I plan to imbibe a few for celebratory measure, and depending on my final weigh-in, I may reward myself with a gluten-free cupcake. But don’t worry. I’m not planning on dashing off into the grain-filled sunset. I’m still sticking to paleo. I just kind of want a cupcake. 

As far as the next few days go, I see blue skies. Thanks to this “winter storm” I have many long hours planned at the office, and enough salad to last me several dinners at my desk. I made a grass-fed spaghetti sauce and plan to try my hand at roasting a spaghetti squash at some point, and other than that, I have coffee and macadamia nuts to keep me company.

Now if only the snowy malaise would lift so I could focus at work, but it keeps coming down in the form of frozen rain. Freezing my motivation and replacing it with insatiable curiosity about what internet puppies are out there today.